Recycle Program for VV Polish Boxes

♻️ Recycle Your Victorian Varnish polish boxes for store credit! Please include your name and email inside the envelope/package with the boxes.
♻️ Send us your boxes in good condition to
Victorian Varnish PO Box 3381
Oxford, AL 36203
(open each end and flatten at the creases) - Shipping costs to VV are the senders responsibility.
♻️ For every Box received in good condition you will receive .35 cents credit for each box. If the polish box is not in good condition - please do not send them.
♻️ You choose how to spend it! Save it over a period of 1-6 months, or redeem immediately! VV will keep track of your progress through our database. You will receive a code via the email you provide with your special code for use on a future VV purchase!
♻️ The VV Team will then work on replacing labels and UV Sterilizing each box before it goes out to the next customer. Polish Boxes recycled through the program will only be used for orders placed on the VV website and are only good for VV boxes- no other brands accepted.
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